Engine Building and Repair in Jerome and Twin Falls Idaho.

Jerome Engine Builders specializes in the construction and reconstruction of engines in the heart of Idaho. With a commitment to precision and quality, Jerome Engine Builders stands with individual owners to offer outstanding service at a reasonable cost. Whether constructing engines from scratch or expertly rebuilding existing ones, our skilled team employs advanced techniques and top-tier materials. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Jerome Engine Builders has earned a reputation for delivering engines that boast both optimal performance and durability. Entrusting your engine needs to Jerome Engine Builders ensures a powerful and reliable driving experience crafted with expertise and dedication.


Engine Building

Constructing custom engines tailored to specific performance requirements, often involving the assembly of components like crankshafts, pistons, camshafts, and cylinder heads.

Engine Rebuilding:

Overhauling existing engines to restore performance, reliability, and efficiency. This may involve replacing worn-out components, honing cylinders, and refurbishing key engine parts.

Performance Upgrades:

Modifying engines to enhance power, torque, and overall performance. This can include installing performance camshafts, high-flow cylinder heads, and other aftermarket components.

ATV/Dune Buggy/Side-by-side

Expert ATV engine work by skilled builders ensures peak performance. From diagnostics to repairs and upgrades, engine builders optimize power, reliability, and efficiency for an enhanced off-road experience.

Diagnostic Services:

Identifying and troubleshooting engine issues through advanced diagnostic tools and techniques. We are here to help anywhere in Jerome or beyond!

Engine Tuning

Adjusting fuel and ignition parameters to optimize engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

Other Services

custom Engine rebuild Jerome ID
Custom Built Engines

Choosing Jerome Engine Builders for your custom engine needs ensures a superior level of craftsmanship, expertise, and personalized service.

Smalle Engine Repair
Engine Repair

Engine repair restores performance and reliability. Skilled technicians diagnose and fix issues, ensuring efficient operation. Trust our expertise for thorough maintenance and quality repairs..

Dune Buggy and ATV Repair in Jerome ID
Dune Buggy / ATV Repair

Dune buggy and ATV repair ensures peak performance. Our expert technicians diagnose and fix issues promptly, providing reliable service for off-road adventures. Trust our specialized expertise.

About Us

Jerome Engine Builders stands as a premier entity specializing in the meticulous construction, rebuilding, and customization of engines, transmissions, and drivetrain systems. Based in Idaho, the company is distinguished by its commitment to precision craftsmanship, innovative solutions, and a comprehensive approach to enhancing vehicle performance.

For those seeking unparalleled expertise in custom engine, transmission, and transfer case building, Jerome Engine Builders stands as a trusted partner. With a focus on precision, customization, and customer communication, they offer a comprehensive solution to elevate vehicle performance to new heights.

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